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 Smart electronic ignition system




              Exclusive to Ultimate products we are featuring an electronic ignition system that converts your points distributor "without modification", into an electronic ignition system and this we call "smart ignition". It is smart because you receive the main benefits of having electronic ignition without the price tag. The two main benefits with electronic ignition over a standard points ignition system are, firstly and most importantly, you are able to switch greater current through an electronic ignition module. This allows an increased flow of current in the primary windings of the ignition coil, which in turn increases the lines of magnetic flux in the coil. It is magnetic flux from the primary windings that cut the secondary windings of the coil and produce the spark. So the more primary current you switch, the more magnetic flux that cuts the secondary windings and the greater the spark you get. The second main advantage is that the switching of the ignition module is able to be done by non wearing parts, eg with optical switches etc. This means there is no wear of the contact set and no points bounce; however the disadvantage is you do have to modify the internal workings of your distributor, and in a lot of cases replace the distributor and this can be costly. The system we feature uses your existing distributor unmodified. This means at any time you can simply unplug the electronic module and your ignition system will be back to normal using your points as standard. The great thing about this system is it uses the points only as a reference to tell the electronic ignition smart module when to switch on and off the ignition coil.


Advantages of this system 


                         The electronic ignition system will work on either 6 or 12 volt systems.

                         The contacts on your points should never wear out, no load passes through them.

                         Because there is no wear on the contacts the dwell never changes through contacts wearing out, so your car rarely needs tuning.

                         There is no need for a condenser, the system works with or without one.

                         The system is able to operate a high energy ignition coil for improved spark.

                         The system will improve your existing spark because of its internal switching circuits and coil build up time.

                         The system is able to be easily reversed at any time with no extra parts, literally on the side of the road, just unplug 2 wires.

                         The dimensions of the module are only 135mm x 57mm x 20mm.

                         The price of this system is crazy compared to other electronic ignition systems it's so cheap it's ridiculous.


Disadvantages of this system


                        If your distributor suffers from points bounce at very high RPM, this system won't change that.

                        While the contacts will never wear out you may need to adjust your pointís gap periodically, to compensate any wiper wear.


Pricing in AUD and includes GST. Postage not included


         The Smart ignition kit costs $200.00 and this includes all terminals, wires, instructions, etc. All you need to convert your existing ignition system.



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            The Smart ignition module