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 Revolving light protectors



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            Ultimate products are featuring a revolving light protector designed to fit most common revolving lights. The light protector is easy to install, because it uses the existing mounting bolts of the revolving light.


       It has 2 counter sunk holes to allow easy mounting onto a Ute body / tray etc.

         Save replacing expensive revolving lights.

         Save down time not being allowed to operate on site with lights not working.

         The protectors come with a rubber seal, to stop moisture leaking into the cabin.

         And remember it's not going to help if you run under a low bridge, but will stop 90% of low branches etc damaging you revolving lights.



Pricing in AUD and includes GST. Postage not included


     The light protectors cost $39.60 approximately the cost of 1 replacement lens for most common lights.



Contact details


    For any enquiries or purchases please contact us at





               Email ultimate@dcsi.net.au



               Telephone 0419 44 88 53



               Address Ultimate Wiring

               370 Caldermeade Road


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 The Revolving light protector


The light protector with revolving light


The hole pattern in the base of the revolving light protector



The revolving light protector installed onto a tilt tray




The revolving light protector installed onto a Ute