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This kit has been designed by an auto-electrician with 30 years experience. After trying to install another wiring kit supplied by a customer into a hot rod, we realized how inadequate the wiring kits on the market are. It is because of this, we have gone about designing and building our own wiring loom that comes pre-wired to a fuse/relay box, with no need to add anything else. The automotive wiring kit includes everything you need to professionally re-wire a car or do conversion wiring. As well as the loom being properly wired it is by far the easiest kit to install because all the circuits are complete and already run to where they will approximately finish up. The loom comes clearly labelled where all wires go and the instruction booklet gives a colour code breakdown of each wire, its location and explains how it is to be connected. As well as the instruction booklet there is an installation DVD included, to guide you step by step through the whole job (with handy tips included). All you have to do is tape up the loom, fit it into place, cut the wires to their desired length and join them up. It really is a painless and very simple process.


Features of the Ultimate wiring kit


        Below is a list of options available for your wiring harness. When ordering please inform us of your individual requirements.




Hazard lights


Centre stop light

Reverse lights

Boot light

Boot release

Number plate light

Electric fuel pump

Wiring for a fuel pump safety cut off, via the relay

Cigarette lighter

Heater fan

Windscreen wipers

Windscreen washers

Interior light with door light wiring

Radio and speaker


Thermo fan, with three options to operate the fan via the relay

Electric windows

Inhibitor switch (start neutral switch) wiring

Brake fail light

Dash pilot lights

An ECU connection for EFI engines

All gauges including fuel, temp, oil, volts, tacho, clock and speedo

Wiring for each gauge comes with ignition power, earth, sender wire and dash light wire.

All engine wiring including starter alternator ignition system and senders.


      An installation DVD is included with every kit.

        There is a choice of two kits, one is for a Fuel injected engine, although the engine management harness is not included it does have wiring included to connect to and run the ECU and engine harness. This connection allows the ECU to run the thermo fan, fuel pump and has speed sensor, start and tacho signals present. The other is for a non EFI engine.

        The main feature of this wiring harness is that all the circuits come professionally pre-wired. This makes this wiring kit the easiest on the market to install.

        This kit comes with a fuse and relay box already pre-wired in

        Included are 6 quality Bosch relays, installed and pre-wired for

High beam headlights

Low beam headlights

Starter motor (start circuit)

Fuel pump

Thermo fan for either radiator fan or A/C condenser fan

Brake fail warning light (required for roadworthy certificate in some states).

        Along with all fuses and headlight circuit breaker again installed and pre-wired.

        Included as well are two flasher cans installed and pre-wired one of them for Hazard lights and the other is for the indicators.

        There are headlight sockets and fusible links supplied in the kit

        The kit comes complete with terminals, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 way Q C connectors, eye terminals, individual terminals and rubber grommets

        The kit also comes with an Installation booklet that runs through every section of the loom as labelled on the wires and gives a description of each wire, its colour code and what it does.

        All the earth wires are wired into the loom and run to three common earth points. (other kits donít include any earth wires)

        The fuse/relay box is set up to be mounted on the passengerís side of the dash, where there is generally more room to mount it up out the way.

        Only quality wire and accessories are used.

        The whole kit is posted out to you and in most cases postage within Australia is under $30.00

        The kit comes with a phone number that you can call for advice and speak directly to a qualified auto electrician.

                    Best of all the whole kit is 100% Australian made.


What will arrive in your new wiring kit?


               1x wiring loom complete with all wires pre-wired into a fuse/relay box ready to install.

               The Fuse/relay box will have installed in it, 6 x quality Bosch relays, circuit breaker, 8x fuses, 1x electronic flasher   can and 1x metal flasher can.

               2 x Midi fusible links with

               2 x in line Midi fuse holders

               2x headlight sockets with wires attached ready to join up.

               10x yellow 8.4mm eye terminals

               10x yellow 6.3mm eye terminals

               20x blue 5mm eye terminals

               100x single Hella female spade terminals

               100x spade Hella terminal insulators

               8x2 pin male QC connectors

               8x2 pin female QC connectors

               4x3 pin male QC connectors

               4x3 pin female QC connectors

               2x4 pin male QC connectors

               2x4 pin female QC connectors

               2x6 pin male QC connectors

               2x6 pin female QC connectors

               2x8 pin male QC connectors

               2x8 pin female QC connectors

               2x25mm ID rubber wiring grommets

               2x15mm ID rubber wiring grommets

               4x10mm ID rubber wiring grommets

               4x8mm ID rubber wiring grommets

               4x25mm ID saddles

               10x15mm ID saddles

               10x10mm ID saddles

               10x mountable cable ties

               20x normal cable ties

               5x 20 meter rolls of quality Nitto tape

      An installation DVD


Optional extra


   We are offering for purchase a Crimping tool that crimps both insulated and non-insulated terminals. The crimping tool is not the top of the range because the best crimp tools are generally ratchet type crimp tools and retail for around $80.00 each and they only do either insulated or non-insulated terminals not both. The tool we recommend can crimp both types of terminals and retails for approximately $95.00 + GST we are offering it at a discounted price of $88.00 to help ensure a good standard of connections for installing you new wiring, and in turn less problems as time goes on.

 Please advise us when ordering if you would like to purchase a crimping tool as well.


 For cars with an electric fuel pump, we wire them up to be able to be connected directly to a Gas Safety Switch to operate the fuel pump relay. If required we can supply the gas safety switches for $77.00. This is a good safety feature and strongly recommended.


Contact details



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               Construction of the loom





               The old  fuse/relay box (no longer available)





      The fuse/relay box new one option 1 (this comes with an additional charge)




      The fuse/relay box new one option 2 (included in the price)





                  The wiring loom completed